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I am a graphic designer and printmaker living in the Midwest, who is inspired by food, travel and vintage ephemera.  I started my first company, Tartella, to specifically explore my love of food in print, and to design kitchen accessories + textiles that inspired people to share their love of food and cooking with others.  Together with my sister, we illustrate our vision of the contemporary kitchen that knows its’ roots.  I now also design on a broader basis, helping small businesses to bring their design and creative visions to life.

This blog is a chronicle of what inspires me, from the kitchen to the office, and a little in-between…Enjoy!




  1. Hello Hello…looking for some info and don’t know who to ask…googled re my Too Many Cooks Lucienne Day towel and found you…How do i know if it is original or repro? any clues…holler if you do.

    Thanks for your time.


    • sandy- to be honest, I am not sure how to tell if it’s original- other than taking it to a textiles expert or appraiser. if it’s an original, that’s a pretty great find!

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