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cut paper art

cut paper art


It’s time to hit the refresh button. I began the year with so many uncertainties that I didn’t feel like making resolutions would be helpful or wise. Now, almost two months into 2013, I’m feeling just (if not more) adrift than when the year began. And stressed.

Since stress isn’t good for me or anyone in my sphere of influence, and many of these things are beyond my control, I’m going to change my focus:

- Back to Work: It’s been piling up. And, while my excuses and procrastination have gotten me this far, I fear they won’t work much longer. Time to re-commit myself to Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

- Back to Baking: I’ve been avoiding it. Again, excuses of 1/2 my baking paraphernalia being in storage (true) not allowing me to be the best baker I can be (false- my mother does wonders without even a decent knife, grater, or (gasp!) a Cuisinart). But, truth be told, nothing soothes me like kneading or rolling a dough into submission. And that requires nothing more than my hands and a pin.

What do you do to keep your mind off of things that you can’t control?

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