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**this is a little bit of a detour from my usual design and food related posts, but have been doing a lot of thinking about this and thought it would be nice info to share!**

We have lots of work to do to be ready for our upcoming holiday show as well as holiday on-line shopping, so we are always on the lookout for tips and ideas for keeping the holiday season light and lovely (we hate to miss out on all the fun!).  Here are some of the ideas we’ve found and plan to implement…starting n-o-w.  We checked out sites like The Happiness ProjectMayo ClinicMartha Stewart and used our past experiences to find solutions to some of our top holiday ‘issues’:

- get enough SLEEP and EXERCISE.  trying to manage work, family & household to-do’s is best done on a full tank.  this is easier said than done for us, so we started a new pattern on 11/1, (while things were relatively sane) vs. waiting for the explosion of work & social commitments to take hold (aka now).

PREPARE as much as possible in advance.  is it possible that there will be a constant stream of friends and family through your house between Thanksgiving and the New Year? There are tons of doughs and treats that can be made ahead and frozen, so that all you need to do is defrost, slice and bake (these crackers from Ina Garten are a favorite in our household for an impromptu tea or cocktail visit).  Even simple store-bought sugar cookie dough can be decorated and embellished before baking to convince guests that you made it from scratch.

- tackle to do’s in GOOD COMPANY. chances are, your friends have some of the same things on their list.  and, chances are, a few of them could be done together over a bottle of wine or mugs of hot cider. why address holiday cards in front of a movie (although that can be fun, too!), when you can do it with a few friends? (just be sure the wine doesn’t cause you to address Aunt Helga’s card to Uncle John!)

- make things EASIER. i got away from online shopping (too, too many things tempted me!), but i’ve decided to take up the habit again for the holiday season…the idea of gifts coming right to my door ready to wrap and gift is too simple to resist (at Tartella, we’ll be offering FREE SHIPPING for all US and Canada orders from our Etsy shop from Dec. 5-11th, to make shopping easier and cheaper!). so, what will make things easier for you this holiday season?

EAT WELL not excessively. for me that means holding out for my true holiday favorites (most holiday cookies don’t actually do it for me, but there are a few family favorites that are positively swoon-worthy), and skip the rest.  and, never go to a holiday party on an empty stomach!  i’ve stashed a few granola bars in my purse, backpack and glove compartment to make sure that i don’t have an excuse to make pumpkin spice lattes and leftover pie my breakfast, lunch or dinner, either…

- and, most importantly, BE REALISTIC!  while it is tempting to be Martha or  (at least for some of us), is that how you want to spend your holidays?  if it is, great!  if not, do what’s most important to you and move everything else off your list.

enjoy the holidays!

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