design: meltdown cars


my sister likes vintage things, including old cars. my sister’s boyfriend builds/revamps/paints old cars.  of course, A. might be just as likely to date R. if he didn’t do those things, but it does seem to add a complementary vibe to their relationship.  myself and B., on the other hand; we don’t know a lot about cars (new or old). so, this summer, when we visited the Meltdown Drag Races in Byron, Illinois, we weren’t sure what to expect. but, when we entered the gates and saw the smoke emanating from the track, and the gate checker handed us earplugs, well, we got the idea. these were drag races, pure and simple– one long track with a traffic-light-inspired rev-up and starting signal. i was expecting to see some wicked art on the cars (in part, because I’d seen some of R’s work on a few in advance), but I wasn’t  expecting to be so taken with the typography on the vehicles. some of it was very professionally applied, some not so much, but all in line with the style and era of the car. there were fonts that included fading and gradients and details that we might associate with some of the artistic graffiti of the 1970′s- today. in fact, i think some of these cars + my recent viewing of Exit Though the Gift Shop are inspiring me to try some of my own hand-lettering!


while i wasn’t able to standing being right next to the track (even with plugs, the decibels were sure to cause damage), i was able to snap pictures of some of my favorite ‘car fonts’:





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